Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: What It’s Like to Walk

The Avon Walk for life is May 3-4, 2014 and after watching this video, I am sure it is something that I will be participating in. It is a truly inspiring experience and is one that will help you to appreciate life and all of it’s beauty.


For the Survivor: The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer


On May 3rd and 4th hundreds of families come together to take a tour of the nation’s capital and support breast cancer at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. With the help of over 180,000 walkers, the organization has over $472 million dollars to combat the disease. Like Habitat for Humanity, this organization offers a chance to be active and help your community. The walk takes place all throughout D.C., giving a view to the most amazing parts of D.C. while supporting a cause that has become more and more lethal in the past decade. Students at every university in D.C. have come together to raise awareness for the cause, so for the student who loves D.C., exercise, and supporting a good cause, this event is something that can be truly fulfilling.




For the Reader: DC Public Library


If you often find yourself getting lost in the library under a pile of your favorite books, volunteering at the DC Public Library is for you. The public libraries throughout DC offer numerous options for volunteering ranging from stacking and shelving books to teaching computer classes. With a special preference for students, the libraries are a perfect place for service if you are a lover of books and helping others to find a book that they can get lost in. The libraries are eager to find new volunteers who can help organize the thousands of books and assist others in navigating the stacks.


For the Friendly: Miriam’s Kitchen


An organization that focuses on ending chronic homelessness in the Washington, D.C. area, Miriam’s Kitchen has always strived to find permanent homes for those in need. Unlike other organizations that desire to end homelessness, Miriam’s Kitchen believes in finding a permanent home for the homeless, rather than a temporary home for four reasons: it’s cost effectiveness, the health outcomes, the futures it provides for the homeless, and it’s effectiveness in keeping the homeless in homes. In volunteering for Miriam’s Kitchen, you can help to serve meals to those who are hungry, sort clothes, and interact with guests. This organization does much for the homeless to not just help them temporarily, but to help them forever. It is a way to encourage the homeless to get back on their feet and work their way back into a life of normalcy. By helping the organization, you can help to focus on the individual and help to bring back their spirits, something that not many can do. So if you are an outgoing individual who enjoys working with others, Miriam’s kitchen is an organization that will allow you to use your friendliness to help others.



For the Festive: CUA’s Halloween on Campus

Every October, The Catholic University of America puts together a night where children from the Brookland area can come and enjoy the fun and tradition of Halloween. Students, along with affiliated volunteers organize a series of activities and games along with an overload of candy for the children that provides them with a safe and enjoyable environment to trick-or-treat in. Various clubs and organizations at the university create tables that allow the children to get a Halloween experience that most children do not. For the college student who enjoys both entertaining children and the frights of Halloween, this night of charity and fun is the perfect service project. The Catholic University’s Women’s Lacrosse team made a table that I volunteered for, and this experience was one that I would never forget. The children, eager and excited to do anything and everything Halloween, brought a spirit to the evening that evoked nostalgia in each of us. Their smiles alone, were enough to make one want to spend the entire night there. This annual event, is one that fun and helps the community, two outcomes that are essential in service. For any student in the D.C. area, this night is one to take part in and remember forever.


For the Science Lover: The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation


Located just a short trip from Washington in Germantown, Maryland, the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation strives to raise funds for scientific research, increase awareness, and improve prognosis and quality of life for the children who are affected. The organization allows for student research, though the process to apply is quite long, the opportunity to research for an organization that not only offers for a fruitful future, but also helps children in danger of death, is one that not many can have. With a chance to educate yourself and help others, this organization is one that is helpful to you and those in need, something that not many charities can offer. Students who are majoring in the sciences could gain much from CBTF and could also give much to their community. 


For the Builder: Habitat for Humanity International


Habitat for Humanity, a popular charity known throughout the country for its’ work, partners with families in need to build stable and affordable homes that will last them a lifetime. The Christian group has helped to build and repair over 800,000 houses across the country, giving aid to nearly 4 million people. These statistics alone, display how effective and truly inspiring this organization is. Whether you live in Washington, D.C. or San Francisco, you can help with Habitat for Humanity. Students across the nation have joined together to volunteer for this organization, and I plan to do so as well. The Catholic University of America’s Women’s Lacrosse team ventured to South Carolina last spring to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and though I was not on the team yet, I have yet to hear a bad thing about the team’s experience. Each individual player was touched by the work that they did and the people that they helped and claim that it was an experience that was both inspiring and fun. This organization also allows for active service. Unlike many service opportunities, Habitat for Humanity is a hands on activity that promotes being outside and working with your hands. So if you are someone looking for an opportunity to work with people, the outdoors, and learn valuable skills, Habitat for Humanity is always looking for your help.